Why Should I Do Yoga?

28 Mar 2015

Why Should I Do Yoga?

Why wouldn’t you? I mean the benefits are absolutely mind blowing and is such a great way for the body and mind to relax and rebuild.

The art of yoga has been around for thousands of years and is one of those magical arts that should be appreciated and taken up at any given opportunity!

One fact that i never knew and actually did strike a cord with me is the notion of getting old and how the affects of old age are as profound on the outside as they are on our internal organs.

It has been proved that over time that our internal organs due begin to sag and start to became droopy. The affects of old age can be slowed and inversions can actually stop these affects. By under taking regular forms of yoga this can stop and combat the effects that we all face and that is gravity. Regular forms of any type of yoga can help shift and ease the internal organs back to their original position that nature once sought.

There are so many different types of yoga that one can par take in, be it hatha, bikram and so on, so please chose one that is fitting to your desires and your personality match. So people like the more strenuous type while others like the more relaxed forms that actually compliment them.

One cool new fact that i found recently found out is about Kino MacGregor, she is actually the youngest women in the world that has ever earned the title and been certified as teach of Ashtanga yoga. This is no mean feat and something i truly respect and admire.

Please check out this video and see what the benefits of Yoga are and hopefully you will answer the question that is:-

“Why Should I Do Yoga”

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Yes you read that right, there are absolutely amazing benefits to yoga. Physical fitness is improved, body conditioning is elevated and a all around inner mood elevation is achieved from participating in yoga session.

The art of yoga actually originates from the high mountainous regions of india and is said to have been brought to the masses between the fifth and sixth century BCE.

Swami Vivekananda was one of the most famous of yoga teachers that actually brought the art of yoga to the west around the 19th to the 20th century. Its popularity as a art of relaxation and spiritual attainment has thrust this exercise regime into the mainstay.

Hatha Yoga is the common type of yoga that is practised across the western world and comprises of breathing, meditation and exercises which aid in gaining heightened spiritual awareness, improved mood and reduction of stress levels. The benefits are also felt physically, some practitioners have reported lowering of blood pressure, improved symptoms of heart failure as well as enhanced cardiac repair to major organs.

These are just some of the benefits that are widely reported by users of yoga.

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Hey there, and welcome to my new blog site regarding the advantages and benefits of yoga. I hope you enjoy me sharing my love for yoga.

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